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The production of fast fashion has no regard for the environment and leaves a gigantic ecological footprint, underpinned by inhumane working conditions. This in turn leads to the fact that the perceived value is always lower and so the average retention period of a T-shirt is just 2 years.

Reason enough to go new ways and make a statement!

With the resulting will to change something and become a part of the change, we started from scratch and founded a new fair fashion brand - FAIFA. The goal and mission were clear from the beginning: Fairly produced fashion must become a matter of course to counteract mass pollution.

Right from the start, we quickly encountered issues that we tried to rethink from the ground up. How do we turn sustainability into something fashionable? How do we become a sustainable company? What does sustainability mean to our customers? 

In the end, our products should be fair. So everything surrounding it should be recycled or at least recyclable. Especially in the selection of textiles and colors we set very high standards. "High level fashion" at fair prices. Quality, sustainability and wearing comfort are put on the same level at FAIFA.

In addition, we have decided to choose a 100% plastic-free packaging for our products. Thus, we were able to reduce plastic waste and the associated environmental footprint to a minimum, and we are proud of it!